CG Animation

Hidden in Time

May 2018

A short sequence inspired by Impossible Spaces and M.C. Escher. Modeling, shading, lighting done in Maya Arnold, with python scripting to create stairs and gears.


Reading Room Set


I created a sunlit reading room set, inspired by nostalgia for the childhood years when you could just sit and read all day. My goal was to convey a feeling of warmth and coziness. Modeling, shading, and lighting were done in Maya Arnold, and I used python scripting to populate the bookshelf.


Pixar Undergraduate Program


In summer 2017, I had the opportunity to spend ten weeks at Pixar Animation Studios, doing projects in various parts of Pixar’s animation pipeline, including modeling, shading, lighting, layout, set-dressing, rigging, and effects. I led master lighting and rendering on our week-long nine-person group project, and explored NPR watercolor rendering in a two-week final project. I also wrote some python tools and shell scripts for my group to speed up workflows.