OCTOBER 2017 – December 2018


Since last October, I’ve worked as a part-time UX designer for Ethos, a blockchain company. I created mobile wireframes for a cryptocurrency wallet and social platform app, helped iterate on high-fidelity Sketch/Invision prototype, working closely with development, and conducted UX research with over twenty users.







A personal project based on this concept. (view wireframes)


Tab Organizer



I often find myself with far too many tabs open, so I created a Chrome extension in Javascript/HTML/CSS for organizing browsing experience
that can easily close multiple tabs and move selected tabs into a new



Brown Graphics Lab



Working with Brown Graphics Lab, I collaborated with over 15 students on Dash, a project that explores the concept of a “document IDE.” Dash allows users to collect, organize, and perform operations on different types of documents, which can be abstracted as sets of key-value pairs.

I created UX mock-ups for features and worked on mostly front-end implementation, developing the UWP app in C#/XAML.


Timeline View

The Timeline View allows users to explore their workspace history, view the context under which they took notes, and better understand how their work progressed.


Sidebar Redesign


Original Implementation


I worked on redesign options for this tree menu sidebar. The original UI was cumbersome since it always obscured part of the workspace and was difficult to use due to small click targets.


Redesign V1


Redesign V2